Campaign of the week – #MissingType

If you have been out & about, on various websites or on social media this week, you may have noticed that missing letters have been vanishing from shop signs, twitter handles and brand names. Why? National Blood Week – #MissingType campaign. The campaign has caught the attention of the media nationwide, with the likes of Waterstones, Green & Black’s and Odeon Cinemas cutting the A’s, O’s and B’s out of their signs. This is to symbolise the lack of blood donation in types A, O and B.

3 Pictures

Green & Black’s, Odeon and Waterstones have all taken part in the campaign

So why has this campaign had so much attention? Because it is taking ordinary things and making them different. As soon as you see that something you are expecting to be there isn’t, natural curiosity makes you wonder why. It is also something that anyone can get involved in, has a real talking point to it and it gets people thinking. The talk of the campaign has spread across social media like wildfire prior to, and during National Blood Week, 8th-14th June 2015.

Daily Mirror & Sign

Letters have gone missing from newspapers and road signs too

I love how many companies got involved to support such a worthwhile campaign – a boost to their own reputation as well as helping raise awareness about donating blood. I have been giving blood since I turned 17 and was old enough to do so and think it’s a cause everyone should support, so I am really pleased that this campaign earned some well deserved media attention.

This isn’t the first time one of their campaigns has caught media attention. Remember the 2014 blood doesn’t grow on trees campaign? Or perhaps the gift only you can give campaign? Needless to say, they always like to encourage people to sign up for donation or to support in whichever way they can.

If you want to get involved, you can follow the campaign on Twitter by searching #MissingType or following @GiveBloodNHS, or most importantly by registering to become a blood donor.

National Blood Week

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