And the winner is…

I am far too excited to be able to finally announce that myself, Lauren & Hannah have won the CIPR International Douglas Smith Student Award! We found out about two weeks ago and I have been itching to release the news ever since!

Douglas Smith was a founder and patron of CIPR International (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) and the award has been designed in his memory to celebrate new talent in the PR world and encourage PR students to think outside their studies. This years brief tasked us with creating a campaign, either for or against, a new type of wearable technology – a contact lens.

Myself, Lauren & Hannah set about planning our campaign focused heavily around ethics, as this was highlighted in the brief. We started with detailed research into privacy laws, copyright, socio-economic factors and environmental issues, among other things, to ensure that our objectives, strategy and tactics would be well supported and the best they could be.

From our research we decided on having three branches to our campaign – #ICMemories focusing on the capture of photo and video via the smart contact lens, #ICLife highlighting the importance of the health tracking benefits of the lens and finally #ICFashion branding the lens as a fashion item. We used fashion designer Hussein Chalayan, famous for his designs incorporating lighting and technology, as well as YouTuber Felix Kjellberg (or Pewdiepie as he is more commonly known) to support our campaign.

Hussein Chalayan’s work on the runway

After submitting our entry and enduring a tense wait, we finally found out the results that we had won! We spent the afternoon speaking to Sally Pearson at Press Ahead who, who gave us lots of valuable tips and advice on a career in PR. Last night we spent the evening in Newcastle at the launch of a new magazine – Northern Insight – which is also when our award was presented. It was a fantastic evening and I would like to offer a huge thanks to CIPR International and especially Eva Maclaine for looking after us!


Some photos of the evening with my team mates Hannah & Lauren, CIPR International Chair Eva Maclaine & Sarah Hall of Sarah Hall Consulting

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. CIPR International says:

    It was a real pleasure meeting you and your colleagues, Arianne. I was really pleased to see how motivated and dedicated you all are to PR and delighted to hear you value your CIPR membership! I hope you encourage your fellow students to enter next year’s award.


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