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In among all the creativity, event planning and inventive PR stunts, there is a lot of theory that helps to construct a PR campaign. And the best place to find this? I think you just can’t beat a good old fashioned book! There are some really useful sources online and I’m a huge fan of finding new ideas on PR blogs, but this being said, I always head back to my books to get the information I need. Here are my top 5 go-to PR books…

Just makiIMG_0325ng my list at number 5: The Penguin Dictionary of Marketing 

Okay so I know it’s not technically a PR book, but it is one that has been extremely useful to me; enough so to make my top 5. It was suggested to me by a friend (thank you Charlotte!) and it has been an extremely handy little reference book to have around. It covers lots of Public Relations terminology, as well as that of Marketing and has nice descriptive definitions. 

In number 4: Share This – CIPR

For social mIMG_0328edia, there is no better book. All aspects of social media strategy are covered and there is a really interesting section on measuring social media with useful diagrams. As social media is becoming more and more intrinsic to any PR campaign, a social media book must be on every practitioners bookshelf. See also it’s follow-up, Share This Too. 


Taking the bronze medal: Mastering Public Relations – Anthony Davis

This book gives a comprehensive look at all aspects of PR – what it is, internal and external communications, planning, research and evaluation – it has it all! The nice concise sections means you can get the information you need without trawling through pages and pages and the style of writing is easy and engaging to read.

Coming in a close second: PR Today, The Authoritative Guide to Public Relations – Trevor Morris & Simon GoldsworthyIMG_0329

This is referred to constantly by my lecturers so there was no doubt it would make the list. Again, every aspect of PR is covered and I love that different types of work are covered such as fashion, government and corporate communications – a diverse range of subjects. It is detailed and well written and I would strongly recommend it to anyone at any stage of their career, as it introduces you to PR as well as acting as a nice refresher book too.

And taking the top spot (drum roll please!) The Public Relations Handbook – Alison Theaker

This does exactly what it says on the tin and is a great handbook for all things PR. It covers everything from “What is Public Relations?” to strategic planning, to measurement and evaluation. I can safely give this book a lot of credit for me getting a first in my recent exam (yay!) as it has excellent explanations on ethics, professionalism and regulation with some easy to understand examples. 

Looking ahead to parts I’m yet to read (yes, I love this book this much without even having read it all!) there are some very interesting looking chapters on not-for-profit public relations and business-to-business public relations, which are two of my modules for third year. I’m sure this will continue to be my go-to book for another year! 


Take a bow, Public Relations Handbook!

I’d love to hear what your favourite PR book is. Let me know in the comments what book has earned your top spot! 

Until next time…


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