How to survive in a PR agency

After spending  a week with the lovely team at Press Ahead, it’s safe to say that I have really experienced what it is like to work in a PR agency. I’m sure there is lots more to come, but I have made a lot of progress in a week.

Press Ahead

So, here are my key tips for surviving in a PR agency…

Be persistent but not too persistent

Phoning journalists is not something that I have had to do before, but did for the first time this week. I was following up on a press release (you can see the story here) that had been sent out the previous day. I think it is very important to give journalists that gentle push to at least take a look at your story and encourage them that it is worth their time. However, there is no need to be calling them every single hour or to bombard them with emails, it just won’t help!

Plan, but be prepared to adapt

I’ve got into the habit this week of having a prioritised list of tasks to ensure that I get everything done. However there are occasions when something more important comes up, so you need to be prepared to change your plans and work out what needs your time and attention first. I’m sure that if I can get into this as a regular habit then my workload will be well managed.

Make use of tools

unnamedYou don’t have to do everything yourself. I’ve often used scheduling tools such as Hootsuite before and I have been introduced to some new ones this week. I think a PR practitioner needs to remember that there is always something there to help them out. However it’s good to remember that they are not always 100% reliable so you need to use them with a pinch of salt!

Find your own style

Another lesson that I’ve learnt this week is just because someone else does something differently doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong. This was particularly evident when writing press releases, everyone has a slightly different way of writing. I need to find my own style.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Getting a second opinion or asking someone to read through things will always ensure you spot any errors and are working well. A fresh set of eyes will make sure your work is up to standard.

Public Relations

I’m thoroughly looking forward to my next week here at Press Ahead and I’m sure you will be hearing about it very soon!

Until next time…


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