My placement journey

If you’ve read my blog before, you may well know that I have spent the last two weeks on a placement with Press Ahead (and if you don’t know, check out previous blog posts here and here). Sadly, my time with the team has come to an end, but I have had a great time and feel a million times more confident in what a career in PR will be like.

I’ve used all the skills that I have learnt in my university lectures, added to these a nice list of new ones and I have created a wealth of different resources. I’ve really enjoyed working on live projects with the team and I feel so grateful for the trust they put in me when assigning me tasks. I didn’t expect to get as many different experiences and have the chance to be so ‘hands-on’ – thank you PR team for trusting me with some interesting jobs and testing my skills! Top tip: When going into a placement, if there’s any tasks you want to try out – ask! I’m sure they will be more than happy to help with any requests, just as Press Ahead were.


My home for the last two weeks

I certainly feel that I have improved throughout the week and know exactly what I need to learn, improve on and to do to become a PR practitioner. It feels like I am in a great position going into my final year of studying PR.

I’ve had some experience of what is so much fun about PR too. Compiling media coverage for a client means you’ve done a good job and helping to pull together some resources for pitching to a new client was exciting.  Doing a follow-up call to a journalist and then seeing them use the story was also a highlight for me. Top tip: When contacting a journalist, get a nice summary sentence of the story to start with and explain the details after if they are interested.

I was also lucky enough to visit Global Radio with a few members of the team. We got to make our own radio show with the lovely people at Heart North East (we had to have some fun while we were there!) and also got lots of tips on what stories they are likely to use and how PR’s can pitch the stories to radio. We got a presentation on Global’s products, how they can be useful to clients, how it all works and how we can communicate with them – I’m not going to give away too many secrets that I learnt here! It was a really interesting afternoon and I feel so much more confident in how to use radio for PR.

IMG_0007    IMG_0004    IMG_0006

At Global Radio in the Heart North East studio with some of the team

If anyone is currently a PR student, or studying any subject similar, you need to get as much experience as you can. I’ve learnt so much this week that you just can’t learn in a classroom or from books, so get contacting as many people as you can – someone is bound to say yes eventually!

It’s also an incredible way to network. As well as meeting the team, I’ve spoken to journalists, met photographers and spoken to clients. This can only be a good thing for the future as I’ve got a list (albeit a short one at the minute) of people I may need in to contact or need the services of in the future. Top tip: Note the details of everyone you meet along the way so you can find their details nice and easily when needed.

logoThank you to all the team at Press Ahead, particularly those in the PR corner of the office, for all the support, advice and experience you have given me these past two weeks. I hope I have been helpful and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me in the future in one way or another!

Until next time…

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