Be social media smart

Social media. How could we live without it now?! And speaking as a budding PR pro (she says hopefully) I know how integral it is becoming to PR campaigns. But it is also key that your personal social media profiles portray you in the best way.

So I’ve thought about some tips to make your social media profiles their best.

Keep one of your profiles purely professional.

If you follow me on Twitter (and you can do so here) you will see that majority of my posts are PR related, or something similar, and you don’t have all the details of my social life (you’ve got to allow me the odd tweet off topic!). As it stands, my Twitter and LinkedIn stay fairly professional, then my Facebook and Instagram are kept for posts my friends and family will care about. I think this avoids boring any professional contacts with the photo album of your last holiday!

Use social media for networking.

It’s a great place to connect potential employers, industry professionals and share ideas. Make the best use of this that you can as you don’t know who and what might be useful in the future. I use LinkedIn as a virtual contact book, connecting with any professionals right after I’ve met them.

Post at the right time.

Anyone who has used social media for a PR campaign will know the timing of posts can mean the difference between reaching your target audience or not, so you need to post at the right time. I think it’s the same for your personal accounts. Try to work out who you want to read your tweets and when they will be online.

Link your platforms

As you may have noticed, I recently changed my twitter handle to match the username of my blog. With this I’m making it as easy as possible for people to find me on various platforms. I’ve also kept a theme with the same display picture and colours, like creating a brand for myself, so contacts know it is me across the different platforms.


Do you agree? And what rule do you follow when posting online? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Until next time…

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