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I’ve finally got my hands on my own copy of PR Today – The Authoritative Guide to Public Relations, by Trevor Morris and Simon Goldsworthy. It’s the book that I have had permanently checked out of the library, using it for assignments and background reading. So with a copy in hand I simply had to review one of my favourite PR books!

“Whether you’re a student of public relations, someone who hopes to break into one of today’s most popular growth industries or someone who wants or needs to understand PR better, this book is for you”.

PR Today (4)The book covers all aspects of PR from celebrity to government, fashion to corporate communications. With detailed information on in each section, each chapter has a topic introduced, explained and summed up perfectly.

Breaking it down by chapter style, the introduction briefly sets out the next topic, giving you a quick overview of what’s to come. I have found this very useful to track down information and to save skim reading pages and pages when looking for a specific piece of information.

It also gives simple learning objectives to guide your understanding. I enjoy going back to these at the end of the chapter and seeing what I have understood. 

Among the detailed information are little tasks or tips learn more actively. These make you think more about what the topic is really about – it’s great to see a book make you think rather than just telling you what you need to know.

PR Today (5)

There are also relevant case studies to make the topic more ‘real’ – something that I have found particularly useful in assisting me with applying theory into practice.

Most chapters conclude with some reading suggestions and from those I have followed up and read, these are extremely useful too! 

PR Today (3)

The format of the book doesn’t just give you the information but encourages you to think about the topic in hand, meaning that you ultimately take in a lot more. It also has visuals to cater for difference learning styles and break up the text a little.

The content covers everything you could want from a PR book. Theory, ethics, law, POSTAR model, media skills, crisis management – you name it, it’s in there.  And having all this in one place makes it a great tool.

With so many books out there, on any subject, I am on occasions dubious whether the information is factually sound, however looking at the impressive careers of Morris and Goldsworthy, it’s safe to say this is a reliable source.

For anyone studying PR, this is a bookshelf essential (or one to constantly renew at the library in my case!) and will be a useful reference tool as I hopefully on into a career too.

Thinking about buying a copy? The best deal seems to be on Amazon


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