Office wardrobe

My final year of uni about to start (eek!) and the prospect of job interviews and employment is getting closer (I hope!). I know that presenting yourself well I these situations is essential. 

Now I’m not one for following the latest fashion really. I’m ashamed to admit I’m more of a ‘throw on an outfit and hope it matches‘ sort of girl. 

But on a recent trip to the intu Metrocentre I gathered together what I think are some staples for an office wardrobe. 

Trousers 3First up I tracked down a pair of black trousers that I had seen in another store, but they were out of my size.

I think that smart black trousers are totally a wardrobe staple – find whichever cut suits you best. I’m also a massive fan of a patterned trouser too. Who wants to wear black all the time anyway?!

My black pair were a Primark find. The patterned ones… I’ll admit I’ve had these for a while, so not a new buy, but they are my favourite from Topshop

Another find in Primark recently was this peplum top. I know these aren’t for everyone, but I find grabbing a peplum top can instantly make an outfit look smarter than if you had on a plain tee.


This is not me. But it is the top!

Adding a little bit of sparkle to my outfit with a statement necklace is another of my favourite things to do. Nothing too OTT though!


After searching through the very glitzy collection that they had in store, I added this one from Miss Selfridge to my little collection. 


Taking some time to refuel


We had a pretty awesome day at the intu Metrocentre (I took my lovely boyfriend for shopping-bag-carrying support!) and there were a lot of other purchases that don’t quite make this office staples list! 

Another item that does, however, is a trusty pair of smart flats. As much as I love donning a pair of heels, if you’re running about all day then flats are essential. 

These are my go-to pair from Topshop – a white pair to go with almost every outfit and very comfy for those days that I’m out and about.

I’ve also added some new stationery to my collection recently too. This one might just be me, but I’m a sucker for a smart set of stationery – I always feel that little bit more professional. I love the pastel coloured pages on this set from Tesco.


I’m hoping I’m well on my way to having a smart office wardrobe! Let me know in the comments, what are you go-to items? And what do you think of mine?

Until next time…


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2 thoughts on “Office wardrobe

  1. shemakesitup says:

    I always go with a peplum top to smarten up! Works every time 🙂 I’ve got some lovely cropped, black trousers from New Look with little gold zip pockets. They’re my go to smart trousers. Great post 🙂 x


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