Leave Your Mark

Another book review so soon I hear you cry! (Or not, who knows…) but this is a book I couldn’t not review (You can see last week’s review here).

Land your dream job. Kill it in your career. Rock social media.

The delight that is Leave Your Mark was one of the best books that I have read. Now there’s a bold opening line but bear with me and I’ll tell you why. But first, a little run down of what it’s all about.

The author is Aliza Licht senior vice president of global communications at DKNY. She took social media by storm in 2009 as the award-winning DKNY PR girl on Twitter. She’s been widely credited as a social media guru and is an all-round success in the world of PR (and that’s just a brief summary!).

Now onto the book itself. Firstly, just look at it. It’s a pretty little book, isn’t it? I know they say don’t judge a book by its cover, but you can tell this is going to be a good’un.


Secondly, the tone. One of the reviews on the back describes it as “a best friend in book form, the kind who’ll tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear” and that couldn’t be more correct. I found it comforting and inspiring to read due to the friendly and encouraging tone. Its a book that makes you feel good.

The book is so easy to read thanks to the way it is set out. I really enjoyed that fact that prose of anecdotes from Aliza’s professional career were broke up by must-do lists. Plus, the little insider tips throughout the book are easy little reminders of how you can be the best in your professional career. And the regular take a selfie sections on various different topics make you not just read, but think too. It’s a book that will actively get you looking at yourself, your attitude and your career.


How I spent my lunch breaks at work

This book is a must-read for… well almost everyone! But most certainly for those wanting to enter the world of PR, communications and fashion. Even if you don’t have plans to or aren’t working in those sectors, the lessons you can learn about simply being professional, efficient and driven are applicable to all.

“INSIDER TIP: If you want a profession, you need to act like a professional.”

downloadOne teeny criticism? I didn’t know the glossary was there until I reached the end of the book and it would have been useful in places. It’s obviously mentioned in the contents, but just a little footnote on the pages of relevant terms would have been helpful. But that is the single tiny criticism that I have!

Aliza Licht really is an inspiration and this book is a way to follow her story, be inspired and be the best version of yourself because of it. In the introduction, she sums up how I’m sure most people feel at the start of their career and the essence of the book as a whole…

“I know that sometimes life can be daunting and that obstacles can seem insurmountable, but with this book, a massive to-do list and a giant cup of coffee, I promise that you can get it all done and still have time to tweet about it.”

Until next time…


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