CIPR Elections 2015

If you follow anything to do with PR, it will be difficult to have missed the fact that the CIPR elections for 2015 are now underway. With voting opening soon (on 28th September) the candidates are currently rallying support and sharing their manifestos for the future of the CIPR.

Having read through both candidate statements and still not having made up my mind on who to vote for (that’s if student membership allows you to vote – I’m yet to find the answer, anyone?) I thought a blog post might make the thought process a little clearer.

Andy Green FCIPR

andy-green_0I really enjoy Andy’s candidate statement. I think it’s one that looks strongly to the future and how PR must adapt to the changes in technology and communication. “We need to get to the future faster”.

I also think that professionalism in PR is extremely important and having studied what it means to be professional as part of my university course, it’s great to see it recognised. I’d be interested to see how Andy could implement “enabling every PR practitioner to become a ‘Digital Capable'”.

Most importantly, Andy has highlighted the CIPR can benefit from “listening better to it’s members” and I strongly believe that this is an essential part of being a great leader.

Jason MacKenzie FCIPR

jason-mackenzie_0Jason has outlined that he aims to “keep professionalism at the heart of the agenda” and, as I have said, I believe this to be an essential aspect of the progression of PR.

In terms of the CIPR, Jason wants to “re-energise the Institute” and with the more specific plans outlined in his statement, I think that this will be a great thing for the Institute. Encompassing the wider PR industry in this will only help to improve the CIPR further.

The membership campaign will also be valuable to the Institute as I think with more members, who share more ideas, it will enable PR as a profession to progress even more.


What are your views on each of the candidates this year and how what would you like to see them bring to the CIPR?

Until next time…


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