Dress for the job you want…

Ever had that job pre-interview panic of what to wear? Yeah, me too. Well this week I have the solution, with my best pal and beauty blogger Lucy Cynthia sharing her essentials for nailing that interview look.

Lucy has an awesome fashion and beauty blog over at lucycynthia.com and has a talent for creating simple yet glamorous looks. And she’s agreed to share her interview style tips with you.

Hi, I’m Lucy from www.lucycynthia.com, a fashion, style and beauty blog, where I try my hardest to put together looks and beauty edits that people will enjoy and perhaps even take some inspiration from.

Myself, and my lovely friend Arianne, have been planning these guest posts for each other for a little while now, and you can read her fantastic How to Create You Own Personal Brand post over on my blog here.

I’m doing something slightly different to the usual vibe of Arianne’s PR blog, but hopefully you’ll still love it!

One bit of advice that has always stuck in my mind when it comes to dressing for job interviews is to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Simple advice, but it does make so much sense. No matter what industry or level of job you are applying for you want to be seen as one thing – a professional.

For me, the first port of call is when you’re doing your research on the job you’re interviewing for, and asking yourself some questions like:

What is the overall theme of the company?

Is it creative, clinical, casual… and what can you learn from this about how employees are expected to dress?

How are the people that work there dressing while they’re at work?

Are they wearing suits, colourful clothes, is it uniform? People that are employed by a company are direct representations of that brand, and therefore the perfect place to take aesthetic clues from!

IMG_6712There are certain things you want to come across in your outfit, however, and you might be thinking but everyone will be dressed in a suit, so how do I stand out?

Apart from your dazzling skills and knowledge of course, you can easily let your personality shine through your interview outfit. 

Add colour

A splash of colour can make a huge difference to your interview outfit.

Try something small, if you’re not ready for a canary yellow shirt just yet, like swapping your black heels for khaki or dark blue or red, or wearing a pale coloured shirt instead of white.

Don’t be afraid to accessorise

Wear some jewellery. Wear your favourite watch.diptych

You’ll never give off a bad vibe by being presentable; so don’t feel like you have to go completely bare when it comes to accessories and other little bits that show off your personality.

So I hope you liked this article, and although it’s been a bit of fun rather than too serious a post you might have even picked up a couple of tips for any interviews you have coming up!

Do you have a go to interview style/outfit? What’s been successful for you?

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Did you find this post useful? Let me know your interview style tips and tricks in the comments. And thanks for sharing these Lucy!

Until next time…


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