If you follow me on Twitter, you can’t have missed my posts about ‘My PR stack 2 – a practical guide to modern PR tools & workflow’.  30 PR professionals, academics and students have worked together to produce how-to guides on public relations and marketing tools.

“In each chapter there’s an explanation of a tool, what it does and how you use it in practice. Contributors share practical advice on different areas of public relations workflow including planning, content, engagement, and monitoring and measurement” – Stephen Waddington

I’m really pleased to have been part of the team working on the book. My chapter, Using Sum All to track social media metrics, was really interesting to research and write. As a tool I use often, Sum All is something I think essential for any PR campaign with a social media element – which these days is the vast majority! 

I’ve learnt so much from being part of this. Not only has reading other contributors’ chapters been a huge help to my PR knowledge, I have learnt a lot from connecting with them all throughout the process. In researching for my chapter, I have unearthed a lot of information that will be extremely valuable in my studies and career.

Want to check it out? Of course you do! You can download my PR stack 2 or purchase a hard copy. I strongly recommend reading the first edition too, if you haven’t already. 

My thanks go to Stephen Waddington for organising the project and giving me the opportunity to share my work, and a massive thank you to Frederik Vincx and the team at Prezly for their outstanding skills. Thanks must also go to editor Margaret Clow.

And of course it couldn’t have happened without the contributors: Matt Anderson; Matt Appleby; Stella Bayles; Michael Blowers; Liz Bridgen; Stuart Bruce; Gini Dietrich; Erica Eliasson; Helen Laurence; Rich Leigh; Hannah Lennox; Tim Lloyd; Kevin Lorch; Maria Loupa; Rachel Miller; Lauren Old; Adam Parker; Laura Petrolino; Andy Ross; David Sawyer; Aly Saxe; Laura Sutherland; Max Tatton-Brown; Frederik Tautz; Abha Thakor; Frederik Vincx; Angharad Welsh; Livi Wilkes; and Michael White.

Until next time…

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