How to ruin your reputation

Controversial title but hear me out. I’ve finally caught up on The Apprentice and was totally in shock by the parting speech Jennyof Jenny.

“I do have the capability to win this process.. Many of the other candidates in the house said they were worried I was going to be in the final with them”

Hmm. I’m not so sure you do Jenny, as you haven’t won…

Before this gets too negative, a little disclaimer. I do have a lot of respect for some of the candidates, their entrepreneurial skills and drive. But I think we can all agree that they aren’t the most charming bunch.

I’ve seen many a blog post on what we can learn from the infamous TV show, but the main things that I have noticed are lessons in what not to do.

Make false promises

Put yourself up for project manager, reel off a list of skills and at the end of it, have none of said skills.

The Apprentice
Keep quiet and blame others

Make sure you don’t really do much and then when you fail, always make sure you blame someone else.

Research in all the wrong places

Searching for Leavers Lace at a Japanese college. I’ll say no more.

Lord Sugar

Shout at other people. A lot.

For tips, see the boys last week, post cheese purchase.

Call people things like a “morale vacuum”

No further comment needed really…

What have been the best and worst bits for you in this series so far? And who do you think will be named the next Apprentice? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time…

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