There’s no I in team

A huge part of working in and studying PR is working with others. And I don’t know any students who haven’t let the thought ‘why can’t this be an individual project‘ cross their mind, at least once. (Come on guys, admit it!)

But like it or not, there’s no I in team and you need to learn to get the work done together. Here’s how…

Take detailed minutes in meetings 

By doing so, nobody has any excuse for not doing their work or saying I didn’t know. Add everything of importance in and make sure all tasks are designated fairly among the group.


Play to each other’s strengths

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the most creative. But there’s often someone in my team who is. Equally I can help them out on the more strategic side of things. Make sure you know who is best at what and use this.

Be diplomatic

Don’t just come right out with it bluntly and say things like “I hate your idea”. How well is that going to go down? You’re going to have to work with this person for a while so it’s best you have a good working relationship with them.


How not to do it…

Embrace the team element

Yes you might be one of those people who prefer working alone. But think how could this group work benefit you? You will learn something from your team… You could get ideas to inspire another project you’re working on… and you’ll have more time to work on your part of the project.

How do you make sure your team projects are successful? Tell me your ideas in the comments.

Until next time…


One thought on “There’s no I in team

  1. cpjenko says:

    I totally agree. What I often struggle with in group projects is when people have differing opinions or ideas! Usually, putting these things up to a vote is how I try to get past it but it can still leave people feeling hurt. It’s so hard to make everyone feel like they’re all contributing equally.


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