This weeks blog is a look back at my 2015 blogging highlights (thank you to WordPress.com for the round-up of stats!)

Who’s looking at me?

I received around 1,800 views over the half a year my blog was active. I’m really pleased with that, as when I first started I thought I’d only get the odd view from my mum! 

Crunching Numbers

What are they reading?

These are my top 5 most viewed posts this year. There’s a huge range in there, everything from charity to PR news to my Christmas List! But topping the list is guest post from Lucy CynthiaI’m going to try to continue with the variety in 2016, invite more guest posts and try to up my views some more.

  1. Dress for the job you want… – 
  2. Support a small charity? Why not support over 7000? – 
  3. PR Christmas list – 
  4. “Sweaty-gate” – 
  5. I am #FuturePRoof – December 2015

Where did they come from?


I was really surprised to see views from 43 countries in total. Amazing to think that someone the other side of the world is reading what I’ve written. I hope its been a good read and, at times, a little useful to all.

Who’s talking about me?


All I have to say here is a massive thank you to Lauren Old, Richard Bailey, Ashley Chapman, Yasmina Magdy & Chris Jenkinson for finding my blog interesting enough to comment on! Would love to provoke more of a discussion on my posts in the future, so will be looking for more controversial, discussion-friendly topics.

So there you have it! It’s been a great start to my blog this year and I’m looking forward to dreaming up posts in 2016.

Before I go, I have decided to be brave and enter the UK Blog Awards – it’s a total long shot, but if I don’t try it will never happen! 

Please vote for me!
Vote for me now in the UK Blog Awards #UKBA16

Until next time…


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