Organisational Apps

My smartphone is a huge part of my everyday life. Whether it’s calling my family at the other end other country, getting up-to-date on the news or checking what time I start work – I need my phone.

It’s pretty much a tool to organise my life, helped along by some great apps. Here are the ones that I can’t work without!


Pocket allows you to save articles, videos and whatever else you might want to straight from Twitter, Facebook, Flipboard and Internet Browsers. This is so useful for when you come across those articles that you want to read later.

With so much going on – 2 different PR projects for university, a PR job and an evening job, studying French too – there is often things that I come across that aren’t relevant to what I’m doing right at that moment, but I know will be useful at some point. Pocket allows you to keep these safe.

It also offers you recommendations based on what you have previously saved and who you follow – great for research projects where you need lots of articles.


Unroll Me

For a serial organiser like me, having things in an order is essential. connects to your email inbox and allows you to sort your emails into 3 categories – keep, roll up or unsubscribe. Simply keep the emails you need or unsubscribe from those that you don’t need (and I didn’t realise how many useless emails I was subscribed to – 43 already unsubscribed!)

The third option is to roll up. I use this for emails from shops, with offers or for blogs I follow… Ones that aren’t urgent or too important, but that I will read at some point. This way, you get one email each day with all of these on.

It’s certainly cleared out my inbox and I’m not at risk of missing any important messages.

Google-Drive-iconGoogle Drive

Pretty much all my university work is done via Google Drive. Having the app means I can get on with my latest assignment from my iPad and iPhone too, meaning things get done when I’m out and about too.


This app quite simple allows you to digitalise any business cards that you might have – a lot easier than rooting through your desk drawer to find the card you need! You can sort the contacts by your own categories too.

You can also upload your own card and excahnge these with contacts.


What apps do you use to organise your life? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time…


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