PR lessons you can learn from Pretty Little Liars

If you’ve read some of my previous blog posts (such as this one and this one), you’ll know how much I love finding PR in what seem like usually unrelated places. This post is no different and this week I’ll be discussing Pretty Little Liars….

I’m a little late to the game, but I’m up to about season 4 of PLL now and can safely say I am addicted. For those of you that don’t know, the series follows the lives of 4 girls whose friend has been mysteriously murdered. The girls begin receiving messages, in various forms, from ‘A’ who some how knows, and threatens to expose, all their darkest secrets (its wayyyy more complicated than that, but I’m not here to go into detail!)

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2016 PR best & worst

There have been some great PR campaigns already this year and we’re only in March! But here is one of my favourites and not so favourite that you may or may not have heard of…

Real life Hitman

The latest instalment of the video game Hitman was released on 11 March, by developers IO Interactive and publishers Square Enix. This time, the missions of Agent 47 will be released in an episodic format.

But the thing that really caught my eye was one element of the launch campaign that was totally unexpected – Real Life Hitman with (wait for it…) the Chuckle Brothers. Yes, you read that right! 

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5 ways to make job searching more bearable

It’s coming to the end of final year and the thought of entering the real world is terrifying all the nearly-graduates.

I’ve begun searching for a job for after graduation and have found that the endless form filling and CV checking can get pretty tedious. So here are my 5 tips for making job searching more bearable.

1. Upload your CV

Uploading your CV to recruitment websites means that, on occasions, employers will find you. It’s a quick and easy way to put yourself out there and hopefully have some people come straight to you (Think Reed, Jobsite etc).

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