5 ways to make job searching more bearable

It’s coming to the end of final year and the thought of entering the real world is terrifying all the nearly-graduates.

I’ve begun searching for a job for after graduation and have found that the endless form filling and CV checking can get pretty tedious. So here are my 5 tips for making job searching more bearable.

1. Upload your CV

Uploading your CV to recruitment websites means that, on occasions, employers will find you. It’s a quick and easy way to put yourself out there and hopefully have some people come straight to you (Think Reed, Jobsite etc).

2. Take it a step at a time

Sitting down in one day and doing 50 job applications is really not going to be fun. I try to look a few, every couple of days to spread the work load over the whole week.

3. Check the expiry date

Twice now I’ve bookmarked a job to apply for and when I’ve gone back, applications have closed. Make sure you check the application expiry date so that you don’t miss out.


4. Keep track of your applications

I’ve created a table on Google Docs where I add the job, link to the site, date that I applied and any response that I get. That way I know where I’ve applied and who I could follow up on if I don’t hear anything.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask

The job is looking for someone to start in April but you’re not available until May? Don’t just write off the application as inappropriate. Email them, explain the situation and ask. If you’re the right candidate, they may well make an exception.

Job Search

How are all my fellow final year students getting on job searching? And are there any graduates with tips they would like to share? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time…


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