Now, proudly presenting…. 

Presenting is a big part of studying PR and I have found that, in the small amount of experience that I have had so far, it is the same in the real world too.

With our final year presentations fast approaching, I’ve been trying to make the best presentation of my university studies. So here are my tips that have helped me during the process…

Plan ahead

I don’t think that you can just jump in and start creating a presentation. Make a quick plan of what content you want to include and roughly what you’d like it to look like. You can then go in and start creating in a planned way.

Pick a theme

In terms of visuals, there’s nothing more distracting than backgrounds changing for no real reason and text being all over the place. Pick a simple theme that matches the subject matter, so that the presentation will still be interesting but will not distract from the actual content.


Know you subject

Make sure you know your subject inside out and back to front. This personally helps me to keep from being too nervous, means I can answer any questions that viewers might have and I will come across more confident, knowledgeable and (hopefully!) impressive!

Practice to others

Find someone you know will be honest with you and practice in front of them beforehand. When you practice on your own, you might know what you mean, but others may not. Present to someone who doesn’t know the topic to ensure that it comes across correctly. 

Notes or no notes? 

I prefer to go into a presentation knowing that I can do it without any notes, but still often take some small cards with bulletin points, in case nerves get the better of me and I forget any points. Find out what works best for you, but certainly avoid simply reading off a sheet. 

Do you have any tips that you think should be added to the list?

Until next time…


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