Why study PR?

At our university, there really aren’t many of us studying PR. But I just don’t understand why! PR is a great subject to study and here is why:

  1. It gives you confidence – having to represent a client, give presentations and be on the phone to clients and journalists makes you much more confident and a real ‘people-person’ (that’s a term I really dislike but it seems apt here). 
  2. The skills you learn are transferable – for example you learn to write well, how to present or how to plan events, amongst other skills. All of which can be transferred to other career paths. But if you do decide this industry is for you…
  3. …There are a lot of different career paths – you don’t just have to go into traditional PR. PR graduates go into lots of different communications roles – social media, digital marketing, publicists, marketing and advertising. There are a lot of similar disciplines you could branch out into.
  4. It’s exciting – I’ve heard the phrase ‘everyday is different’ used many a time by PR pros, so it must be true, particularly in an agency! One minute you could be writing a press release for a business client, the next organising a photo shoot. I’ve experienced this in my PR placement and your day is certainly never boring!
  5. Communications is everything – the communications industry is changing everyday and some sort of comms is part of our everyday lives. Almost everyone is on some form of social media! News and updates are needed in an instant and businesses want new ways to reach their audiences. PR brings you into this world. 

Are you a PR professional or student? Why did you choose to study or work in PR? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Until next time… 


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