24 PR terms you need to know

Last week I had my boyfriend proof-read my dissertation. But having him do this made me realise I subconsciously use and assume other people know more terminology than I realised! Here are they key terms any PR should know…

  1. Agency – an organisation that handles a company’s PR activity.download (1)
  2. Angle – where the emphasis is put in a story.
  3. B2B – business to business.
  4. B2C – business to consumer.
  5. Campaign – series of planned activities designed to reach a certain goal/objective.
  6. Copy – written material for print/websites.
  7. Coverage – when any media outlet uses content that mentions your organisation or company.
  8. CSR – corporate social responsibility; a company’s approach to sustainable development with economic, social or environmental benefits.
  9. Earned media – any coverage that is gained through promotional efforts, not anything paid for.
  10. Embargo – an official ban on trade or other commercial activity with a particular country. Can be used in PR to put restrictions on release dates of work.
  11. In-House – staff within a company responsible for any PR activity (as opposed to an agency).
  12. Internal Communications – any communication between employees and stakeholders within an organisation.
  13. Key messages – the main statements or ideas that you want your audience to remember that you use in communication about the company/organisation.
  14. Marcomms – marketing communications; messages used to communicate with the market, usually focused around product or service.
  15. Media monitoring – tracking any mentions and content for the particular client/company in print, on TV, on the radio or on the internet.
  16. Media relations – the relationship that the PR/company/organisation develops with journalists or other key media members.publicrelations
  17. Owned media – any media content that your client/company looks after themselves, for example website copy or a company magazine.
  18. Pitch –  presenting ideas in order to gain interest/clients. 
  19. Press release (sometimes called news release/media release) – statement and information that is deemed newsworthy that is sent to journalists/other interested parties for use or publication.
  20. Publics – any audiences important to the organisation.
  21. Stakeholders – any audiences with a particular interest in that company or organisation.
  22. Strategy – the plan of action, how you will achieve your overall objectives.
  23. Tactics – the activities you will carry out as part of a PR campaign.
  24. Target audience – the specific group of people you wish to reach with your activity/communication.

Are there any key terms that you think I have missed? Let me know in the comments or you can tweet to me!

Until next time…


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