Open letter to the PR industry

Ever since starting my degree, I have found everyone in the PR and communications industry so supportive and open towards students, so I just wanted to thank you all. 

Whenever I have tweeted for advice, someone has replied. Whenever I’ve need responses for university project surveys, lots of people have responded. Whenever I’ve posted articles about the industry, there has always been someone there to discuss it. This is, after all, is a communications industry, so always being able to talk and make new connections has been great (whether it has been on social media, through university, at events or wherever else!)

There are numerous opportunities open to students that have helped to improve my skills, given me the chance to network and allowed my passion for the industry to grow –  writing a chapter for PR Stack #2, the CIPR International Douglas Smith student award, the networking event at university, internships and work experience – just to name a few! 

Without these opportunities, I wouldn’t have the skills, confidence or knowledge that has helped me get to the end of my degree. Of course, my studies at university have been at the core of all this (so thank you all my tutors too!) but these outside opportunities have allowed me to see PR in “real life”. 

I think the fact that there are so many supportive PR professionals out there has been part of the reason I’ve fallen in love with the industry; it just seems like a great world to work in! 

So thank you to anyone and everyone that has taken me in on work experience; anyone that has shared a piece of advice with me; each person that has given me all the unique opportunities that I’ve had; and anyone who has read even one of my blog posts too! 

I hope that I can give something back in the same way to students in the future. 


Thank you,

Arianne 🙂 


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