My #bestPRblogs highlights

I’ve very proud to say that last week I was named Britain’s best PR student blogger 2016 in Behind the Spin‘s competition! Michael White was invited to judge between the final 5 and I’d like to thank him and Richard Bailey for choosing me and running the competition. 

Taking part in the #bestPRblogs competition has been a huge motivation for me to blog each week and try to improve my blogging skills. But I’ve also got the competition to thank for introducing me to lots of new PR bloggers. There has been some great posts over the course of the competition, so here are my 10 stand out favourites, in no particular order. 

It’s about time someone told us what NOT to do – Hannah Lennox

A lot of blog posts (including my own!) are often full of tips or advice on what you should be doing. I like that Hannah decided to look from the other side and tell us what we should not be doing! This post includes some great tips that are easy to apply to your work.

A Day In The Life Of A PR Intern – Laura Bradley

With my move into a PR career hopefully around the corner, I’m always interested in seeing what goes on during a PR’s day. I felt that Laura‘s post is really well written and walks me through the variety of tasks that an intern may do. I’ve enjoyed a lot of Laura’s posts over the last few months, so it’s a blog I’d highly recommend!

The Day I Was a 3 Year Old – Lauren Old

I love that Lauren usually uses a different angle compared to other PR bloggers – through the eyes of her daughter, Penny. Sharing some PR tips and comparing them to what Penny gets up to really makes the advice more readable and more memorable.

eCampaign in a day! #JustEngageEvent – Abi Kitcher

Reading about the eCampaign that Abi and her group at Solent Uni had to create was really interesting. Going through the structure of the campaign from start to finish showed how much work they had to put in. I think that they devised a really creative campaign on a topic so relevant to a lot of us at the moment – #BeYoungAndPowerful everyone!

Abi Kitcher.png

PR Interview #11: Alisa Mcdonald, PR Student in Bangkok – Livi Wilkes

As narrow-minded as this may sound, I haven’t really actively thought about what studying PR in other countries might be like. This post makes the list firstly because it is quite simply very interesting! But also, as with all Livi‘s posts, it is well written and a brilliant concept.

4 things Made in Chelsea taught me about Public Relations – Remie-Ellece Jennings

Okay so I’m not a Made in Chelsea fan. But I am a fan of applying PR to things that aren’t PR (like this post that I wrote). I love the tips that Remie-Ellece shared here and applying them to something that people are familiar with makes PR easier to understand.

Public Relations vs. propaganda – what’s the difference? – Nat Szczepanek

This post by Natalia makes the list for a couple of reasons – firstly because it gives a little insight into what PR in other countries is like (which as I said before, is something I find very interesting). I also think that she addresses the misconception that PR is all ‘spin’ and propaganda really well.

Should You Hold Your Tongue Online – Claudia Barnett

Thought-provoking, well written and extremely relevant – it’s easy to see why this post by Claudia makes my list. Not to mention her blog is very pretty too!

Remaining Silent Online

The Public Relations Challenge: Revisited – Liam Bettinson

I’m a massive social media addict and I think that it can quite easily make or break a brand’s reputation fairly easily in this age. I love that Liam tried a little experiment here to see how different brands use social media, especially as the first place I go to complement or complain is usually Twitter!

What is PR? – by me!

I’m sorry for including one of my own, but I’m particularly proud of it. A lot of research (AKA badgering people on Twitter) went into this one and I think that what PR really means is quite often a topic of discussion in the industry, particularly as it seems to be constantly changing.

I think that everyone who was featured on the #bestPRblogs list should be very proud of themselves – I know how much time and effort can go into creating a blog.

I’d like to finish by saying a massive congratulations to Laura, Hannah, Natalia & Claudia for making the final 5 shortlist…


Until next time…


2 thoughts on “My #bestPRblogs highlights

  1. Richard Bailey (@behindthespin) says:

    I’ve been impressed by the quality of your blog – but you already knew that. What impresses my about your last couple of posts is that they’re not about you – you take the trouble to praise and thank others. It’s one thing to be good – it’s another to be gracious.

    Liked by 1 person

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