Now what?

So I graduated! Arianne Williams, BA Hons PR & French!

…But now what?

20160706_185835000_iOSI think that’s a thought that crossed a lot of peoples minds as the final speech of graduation day came to an end and we were officially named graduates. 

It’s definitely something that I have thought about too. Three years of hard work over and suddenly you’re let out into the grown-up world! Now, I’m lucky enough to have been offered a PR job which I’ve been at for a few weeks now (and I am really enjoying, I’m pleased to say!) But long term, where am I going?

It’s great to know that after all this time studying it, PR is what I still want to do and still enjoy doing. I am hoping that I can really go far in the industry. It’s challenging and rewarding in equal measures and has a lot of different opportunities to offer and paths to take.

Even though I’ve got a degree, there is still a lot that I can learn within the industry and it’s exciting to know that I have the chance to improve more and more.

So in reply to the “now what?” question, I can proudly say I am starting my career in PR!


PR girls, Class of 2016!

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way. My wonderful boyfriend, my family, my friends and  of course all my tutors. I’ve had the best time at university and made lots of wonderful memories. I feel sad that it is over but excited about what is to come!


Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. Richard Bailey says:

    Lots of graduates think their degree was only about grades. You’ve realised it’s also about connections (relationships).

    You’ve ‘paid it forward’ with your exceptional blogging output and I’m willing to offer any advice I can in terms of your career (or help you with further connections). Let me know when you need me to pay you back!


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