Nice to tweet you!



I love Twitter chats. If you follow me (hint hint) you’ll probably find  your timeline filled with me chatting away with fellow Tweeters at least a couple of times a week (but don’t let that put you off!)

So why do I like them? A bunch of like-minded people chatting about a topic that interests them. What’s not to like? Here’s a few chats that I try to take part in each week…

Blog hour

My total fave this one. Run by the team from the UK Blog Awards, #BlogHour, as the name suggests, covers all things blog related. Some weeks there are set topics of discussion, some weeks it’s just a general blog chit-chat. With the occasional guest host too, they like to mix things up.

Want to take part? Get tweeting every Tuesday 9pm-10pm GMT.

bufferBuffer chat

Wednesdays, 5pm BST with the lovely guys from Buffer, #bufferchat chat has a series of different questions that they discuss each week. You can take a look at the questions beforehand if you want a head start to get thinking and can submit your own too.

I enjoy this chat because it really gets me thinking each week. Next week is on becoming a thought leader – something I’ve never really thought about (kinda ironic…). Last week was on working smarter. All very interesting, particularly for people in PR/comms etc.

Media chat

Hit Twitter on a Thursday at 10pm EST and you’ll find #MediaChat. Not one I’m on too regularly, but still think that it’s worth a look.

With social media gurus, journalists or perhaps a comms pro as guests each week, it is an interesting chat that covers all things media.

hootsuiteHoot chat

8pm-9pm on Thursdays, #HootChat, run by the guys at Hootsuite, is a great forum to discuss everything from customer care to using gifs – pretty diverse, huh? Just sign in and use the hashtag in your tweets to take part.


What are your favourite Twitter chats? Let me know in the comments. And see you on Twitter soon…

Until next time…


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