Where it all began…

It’s crazy to think that this time three years ago I was heading in for my first days at uni, scribbling notes in my first lectures and meeting lots of new friends. And now I’m sat here with a BA Hons in PR and French, working for an awesome agency in Newcastle.

But where did it all start? Why did I choose PR?

For a start, the skills that I felt I excelled at throughout school and college suited PR well – written and verbal communication, organisation, research and planning. In all those ‘what career suits you’ tests you were dragged through at school, for me PR almost always came out on top.

The Guardian has pulled together this list of five must-have skills for PR – communication, research, writing, international mindset, creativity – and I totally concur that you will need these and many more in this industry!


Once I started studying, with each new module and on each work experience placement, I realised more and more that PR was for me. I can really see how I can develop and continue to learn in the industry which is an exciting prospect. 

Are you wondering if PR might be the right career for you? Check out what the CIPR has to say about it, they have some great advice!


Do you work in PR? I’d love to hear why you chose your career path!

Until next time…


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