Where can you find blogspiration?

I know, I know, I’ve not been a very consistent blogger lately. I used to post once a week without fail and now?… And it’s just because I’ve not known what to write. I’ve been feeling a little uninspired.

So, I’ve gone back to basics and looked at how to get those creative juices flowing, with some useful advice for myself and hopefully you guys too. Where can you find blogspiration?

Read other blogs

Okay so you’ve probably heard this one before. And I’ll start with a disclaimer: I’m not saying copy other blog posts, just find some inspiration. This tip is probably something you do anyway, but whilst you’re reading, think about what the post is really saying.

Are they discussing a topic that you have a different opinion on? If you found their topic interesting, why not do some more research and take it further? How has this post made you feel or what thoughts has it provoked? These sorts of questions should hopefully give you a few ideas!

Take a step back

Recently I’ve been reading this book on mindfulness and whilst I’m not 100% convinced it will change my life, it has taught me a very useful lesson: to look at one thing at a time. 

How often do you find yourself with lots of things running round your mind at once? To put it simply, the book teaches you to simply ignore negative or unhelpful thoughts and focus on one thing at a time.

What I’m trying to say here is that taking a step back from my usual crazy mindset and focusing solely on the task in hand (for example, this blog post) has helped me to really think about what I’m writing and understand what makes a good post. 

Get out and about

How many blogs are out there that post reviews or diary type posts? (Lots and lots I’m guessing). Even if reviews aren’t necessarily your ‘thing’, going to different places and trying new things is a great way to get inspired. 

And make sure its something you enjoy. I recently went back to dance class after a few months off and came out feeling so energised and creative. Doing something that you love, away from your usual blogging, is certain to get you feeling inspired.

Be prepared

Have you ever been doing those boring jobs like wandering round the supermarket or cleaning the house when an idea strikes? I like to make sure I have my notebook handy (or my phone, but I much prefer doodling all my notes down). If you’re struggling for ideas, when one strikes, make sure you get it down and make the most of it!

So, I hope you have found these tips helpful. Have you got any go-to ways of finding blog inspiration? Let me know in the comments or tweet me!


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