Make your blog PR friendly

More and more PRs are looking to bloggers to provide a new platform for their client or product. And the great part is it can often provide exciting and engaging content for the blogger involved too, if the right partnership can be found. 

Well, having spoken to a number of bloggers on behalf of clients for work, there are a few things that I’ve noticed that would make life easier for both parties. Here’s my tips to bloggers on making your blog more PR friendly…

Contact me!

You might think this goes without saying, but make your contact details easy to find. If you’re open to collaborations, make the PRs job easy and have a tab with your contact details to view. Make it simple and it will encourage more people to get in touch.

T&Cs apply

On that note, if you’re open to sponsored posts, product reviews, collaborations or anything else, state it on your website. And if there is certain things that you won’t do, pop a quick note to say do. 

Obviously, it’s down to us PRs to do our research to see if our product or client would be the right fit for your blog, but if you state any T&Cs from the outset it can save everyone time in the long run.

Read all about it!

Although I always start by looking for blogs that are most relevant, readership figures are always next on the list to check out. If you’ve got a media card on your page or an email available so we can find out more about your readers, it’s a huge help! Bonus points if you have some info on the sort of demographic your page attracts too…

twitterSocial media 

Again it might sound obvious, but social following is more often than not an important part of working with bloggers. So, links to your social pages makes the job easy! (The last thing you want is for PRs to find the wrong Joe Bloggs on Twitter and then decide they don’t want to work with you!)

Be clear

Now, this is a note for both parties… be clear on what you expect. If I’m arranging a sponsored post and would like social media mentions too, I’ll ask. Equally if you expect to be paid more for certain things, tell your contact. 

Planning out a clear scope of responsibility and plan of action from the outset will make the whole process easier. Get it in writing too, so if you encounter any problems, you have a record.

Are you a blogger that has worked with PRs? Or perhaps a PR with some tips for bloggers? Let me know in the comments or tweet me!

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