How to survive your final semester

Uni is hard. There’s no question about it. And yes, I understand some degrees are ‘harder’ than others, perhaps require more contact hours or more exams, but getting a degree is kinda a big deal to those doing so.

And that very final semester is probably the worst because the pressure finally feels real. Just a few weeks left until you can do no more. (Am I making this dramatic enough for you?)

If you’re looking for a bit of a pep talk whilst your in the midst of your final year breakdown, you’ve come to the right place as that exactly what I’m about to give you…

Plan. And stick to it.

My sanity was saved in final year by a giant whiteboard with colour coded pens for everything going on in my life… and I mean everything – assignments, the housework, when I was meeting friends, exam dates, stuff I needed to remember to pick up from town: everything.

After three or four years at uni, you should probably have a tried and tested method for getting yourself organised (I hope) so use that and be strict with yourself to stick to it.

Admit it. You’re stressed.

There were so many people I spoke to in their final year that would pretend they had it all under control and weren’t worried. They lied

Well okay, perhaps they were doing alright but I think it really pays to talk to someone about it how crazy you feel life is at the moment or how stressed out you are feeling. And then you can support each other through it.

A shout out here goes to my PR pals who I spent endless hours in the library with, eating our body weight in snacks and almost literally dragging each other through the mountain of work!

My PR projects completed… the best day ever!

Say no

Like I’ve said, uni is hard, so make sure you know your priorities and know when to say no.

For example, I had 2 jobs, a volunteer role and was part of the university dance squad, which crazily cut down on my time to y’know actually do my work. So, I cut the hours at one of my jobs right down. Yes, I had a little less money but I produced a much better dissertation than I would have done with those precious extra hours each week.

Allow yourself some fun

On my aforementioned very fancy whiteboard, I also always made sure I had time scheduled in for fun things. And thanks to my lovely fiance for dragging me out the house to do those things, it was needed!

Even better if you can co-ordinate your breaks with your fellow final year pals who will undoubtedly need some time out too! I promise you, if you take an afternoon off every now and again, or perhaps watch a movie and chill one night a week, you’ll be much more productive the next day.

Like I’ve said, final year is hard, so yes push yourself, give it your all and do a dissertation that you couldn’t be prouder of.

My last year nearly killed me (almost literally, 4 days in hospital with bilateral pneumonia the week before final deadlines was less than ideal… but that’s a whole other story!) so please trust me when I say you need the time to chill too!

Now stop procrastinating by reading this and go do some work – good luck!

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