3 things PRs can learn from La La Land

Before I start, spoiler warning. Don’t read this if you don’t want some bits of the film ruined for ya….


I went to see La La Land and I loved it… apart from that terrible musical number at the start. But I can just fast forward that bit on the Blu Ray.

The movie had some extremetly thought-provoking scenes and shared some valuable advice, which got me thinking about doing another of my ‘how PR is like this completed unrelated thing’ blog posts. (For example, you  can check out PR lessons you can learn from Pretty Little Liars here and How a PR campaign is like the Great British Bake Off here).

So, lets get to it.

What can PRs learn from La La Land?

1. Each and every choice you make means something – one quite poignant thing that I took from the film is that each decision you make will impact what’s to happen later. Every single little choice.

I think that this is an important lesson for PRs in planning and strategising. Think about what each action in your campaign will do and how this will alter your course to the objectives. Each action means something and will affect your end result, so it is important to consider these outcomes before acting.

2. Objectives can change – On the point of objectives, it is important to acknowledge that these can change, just as Sebastian and Mia’s dreams change in the movie. What they do ee226477c7ff7d3a_mcdlala_ec038_hwell is understand that although they may have been entirely focused on achieving one thing, circumstances change and therefore so can what you want to achieve… and that’s not a bad thing.

PRs could perhaps do to take note of this for their clients. If things aren’t working out as planned, can the goalposts be re-aligned and some new, equally-as-valuable objectives be set?

3. Don’t do things the same way – Trying to get your big break in ‘La La Land’ is tough, so LA LA LAND (2016) Emma Stone as Miamaking sure you go the right way about it is important. The movie demonstrated that doing things differently to the norm can make you stand out and get where you want to be. Jazz isn’t the norm in this day and age. That didn’t matter to Seb. Turning down auditions to create a one-woman play isn’t a normal route into Hollywood. That didn’t matter to Mia.

My point is, getting to where you want to go in a new and different way isn’t wrong. It’s creative, bold and can work. Which is what PRs could think about for their campaigns – how can I do this in a new way?

So there you have it. 3 things public relations practitioners can learn from La La Land. Have you seen the movie? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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