3 tools to make blogging easy

I love a good tool to help me out with blogging (or with anything, come to think of it) and there are a few that I’ve used that I couldn’t blog without these days. 

Want to know more? Check them out…


Pretty much anything and everything that I’ve designed for this site has been done on Canva – there, secret is out, I’m not that incredible designer I know you all thought I was! (ahem)

If you’re looking for something to design social media graphics, blog headers, CVs, I’ve even begun designing my wedding invitations on there … Canva is for you. Just pick your template, get some text and designs on there and you’re away.

Answer the Public

A handy tool for if you’re feeling less-than-inspired on what to blog about next, is Answer the Public (thanks for introducing me to this one Jessie!)

You just type in a keyword or phrase and it will bring up everything that people are searching for to do with that topic. So you can see what people regularly search and create content around that.

Let’s take ‘public relations’ as an example:



You’ll be met with a gigantic chart like this and from there you can pull out what’s relevant. So perhaps my next blog will be on ‘why public relations is considered a management function’ or maybe ‘how public relations has evolved’ … interesting huh?


Not specifically for helping with your actual blog, but Followerwonk is a great little tool (and a free one!) that lets you know a little bit about your Twitter followers. Simply type in your handle, select ‘analyze users they follow’ from the drop-down and hit search.

It gives you lots of great data about your profile (or whichever profile you’re searching). active-hoursThe tool I use the most is the most active hours. Tweeting when most followers are online means that post about your blog is likely to be seen, and hopefully read, by more people, simple!

You can also find out where your followers are, what words they are tweeting about most often and lots of other useful bits and bobs.

There you have it: blog design, inspiration and sharing made simple!

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