The bag I can’t live without

The bag I can''t live without

My graduation present from my wonderful boyfriend was this little beauty…


The Knomo Elektronista digital clutch bag. And it has changed my life.

Okay, maybe that is a little over the top, but I am in love with it and here’s why.

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Dress for the job you want…

Ever had that job pre-interview panic of what to wear? Yeah, me too. Well this week I have the solution, with my best pal and beauty blogger Lucy Cynthia sharing her essentials for nailing that interview look.

Lucy has an awesome fashion and beauty blog over at and has a talent for creating simple yet glamorous looks. And she’s agreed to share her interview style tips with you.

Hi, I’m Lucy from, a fashion, style and beauty blog, where I try my hardest to put together looks and beauty edits that people will enjoy and perhaps even take some inspiration from.

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Office wardrobe

My final year of uni about to start (eek!) and the prospect of job interviews and employment is getting closer (I hope!). I know that presenting yourself well I these situations is essential. 

Now I’m not one for following the latest fashion really. I’m ashamed to admit I’m more of a ‘throw on an outfit and hope it matches‘ sort of girl. 

But on a recent trip to the intu Metrocentre I gathered together what I think are some staples for an office wardrobe. 

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