Mindfulness… what does it mean to me?

You might have read in a previous post that I’ve started looking into mindfulness a little recently. 

Yes I know, my job isn’t the most stressful thing in the world and in the grand scheme of things I’m not that busy and not that important. But that doesn’t matter. I still, every now and again, get myself stressed out… and it just ain’t worth it.

So I’ve started thinking a little more mindfulness-ly. I’m not saying that I’m a master at the techniques, nor do I rely on it to get me through the day. But I do feel that it has helped. So here’s how and why… 

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Where can you find blogspiration?

I know, I know, I’ve not been a very consistent blogger lately. I used to post once a week without fail and now?… And it’s just because I’ve not known what to write. I’ve been feeling a little uninspired.

So, I’ve gone back to basics and looked at how to get those creative juices flowing, with some useful advice for myself and hopefully you guys too. Where can you find blogspiration?

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There’s a first time for everything

I loved the Olympics. Every evening, we sat down with dinner and watched anything and everything, from weightlifting to gymnastics. And all the medals Team GB won… downright incredible!

But did you notice in almost every Olympic medal win headline in newspapers and online, they found a ‘first’ – GB’s first high bar medal, first couple to both win Olympic golds, first Olympic hammer medal…

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Nice to tweet you!



I love Twitter chats. If you follow me (hint hint) you’ll probably find  your timeline filled with me chatting away with fellow Tweeters at least a couple of times a week (but don’t let that put you off!)

So why do I like them? A bunch of like-minded people chatting about a topic that interests them. What’s not to like? Here’s a few chats that I try to take part in each week…

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PR evaluation methods 

For one of my university assignments, I took a look into PR evaluation methods. It’s a topic that has provoked a lot of discussion in the industry over the years, so there was certainly a lot to write about! Here’s what I found (and luckily for you, not all 4,000 words of it)…

It’s time as an industry we measure what matters. In doing this, it’s equally important to understand the end goals from the beginning and then build a strategy to meet them” – Molly McKenna Jandrain, director of public relations at McDonald’s

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Social media infographics

Love it or hate it, social media is everywhere these days. And with new platforms popping up all the time it can be hard to keep up with it all. There’s a lot of useful resources out there, but here are my favourites that help explain the platforms.

What should you post on each platform?

Let’s start with the basics. Every platform is designed for a different purpose and this infographic explains what you should be posting. It is a bit of a old one, so not all the platforms are there, but you get the idea…

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The best advice

With graduation just around the corner (eek) I’ve been having a little look back at what I’ve learnt over the past 3 years. Obviously I have exam results to show my progress and knowledge, but what lessons have I learnt?

I think the most important piece of advice that I’ve been given, aside from the practical and theoretical side of things, is that PR is all about building strong relationships. Whether this be with your client, the media or your team, having strong working relationships will only make your life easier. I can’t remember who said it to me, or where I read it, but it’s stuck with me ever since.

I think I’ve also learnt that the saying is true – you only get out what you put in. I’ve found that if you’re passionate and enthusiastic, you get so much more back from your work.

All this reflection got me thinking; what has everyone else learnt from their PR experience?

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