3 tools to make blogging easy

I love a good tool to help me out with blogging (or with anything, come to think of it) and there are a few that I’ve used that I couldn’t blog without these days. 

Want to know more? Check them out…


Pretty much anything and everything that I’ve designed for this site has been done on Canva – there, secret is out, I’m not that incredible designer I know you all thought I was! (ahem)

If you’re looking for something to design social media graphics, blog headers, CVs, I’ve even begun designing my wedding invitations on there … Canva is for you. Just pick your template, get some text and designs on there and you’re away.

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How to survive your final semester

Uni is hard. There’s no question about it. And yes, I understand some degrees are ‘harder’ than others, perhaps require more contact hours or more exams, but getting a degree is kinda a big deal to those doing so.

And that very final semester is probably the worst because the pressure finally feels real. Just a few weeks left until you can do no more. (Am I making this dramatic enough for you?)

If you’re looking for a bit of a pep talk whilst your in the midst of your final year breakdown, you’ve come to the right place as that exactly what I’m about to give you…

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Make your blog PR friendly

More and more PRs are looking to bloggers to provide a new platform for their client or product. And the great part is it can often provide exciting and engaging content for the blogger involved too, if the right partnership can be found. 

Well, having spoken to a number of bloggers on behalf of clients for work, there are a few things that I’ve noticed that would make life easier for both parties. Here’s my tips to bloggers on making your blog more PR friendly…

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I went AWOL… 

Hi people that read my blog! 

You might have noticed that I went AWOL and it’s been over a month since I last posted… a month! As much as I love my little corner of the internet, blogging has had to take a back seat over a few things. It’s been a crazy month full of exciting things! (If you’re feeling nosey and want to know exactly what, see my Twitter feed, I will have almost certainly tweeted about everything!)

This certainly isn’t the end of PR Pro in Training, I have lots, lots more that I want to share. But I do think I need a brief hiatus until I find I have a little more spare time!  

So, have a wonderful Christmas & New Year, see you in 2017! 

Advice for soon-to-be PR graduates

arianne-web1If you’re a Newcastle, Sunderland or Northumbria university PR student, you might have heard my talk as part of the ExPRience masterclass earlier this week. (If so, I’d love to hear what you thought of the event in the comments!)

Alongside some other recent PR graduates and industry professionals, I shared some tips on how I got my first job as a graduate (at ramarketing … and there’s my little character!) and some key pieces of advice that I wish I had known before starting.

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Mindfulness… what does it mean to me?

You might have read in a previous post that I’ve started looking into mindfulness a little recently. 

Yes I know, my job isn’t the most stressful thing in the world and in the grand scheme of things I’m not that busy and not that important. But that doesn’t matter. I still, every now and again, get myself stressed out… and it just ain’t worth it.

So I’ve started thinking a little more mindfulness-ly. I’m not saying that I’m a master at the techniques, nor do I rely on it to get me through the day. But I do feel that it has helped. So here’s how and why… 

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Where can you find blogspiration?

I know, I know, I’ve not been a very consistent blogger lately. I used to post once a week without fail and now?… And it’s just because I’ve not known what to write. I’ve been feeling a little uninspired.

So, I’ve gone back to basics and looked at how to get those creative juices flowing, with some useful advice for myself and hopefully you guys too. Where can you find blogspiration?

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There’s a first time for everything

I loved the Olympics. Every evening, we sat down with dinner and watched anything and everything, from weightlifting to gymnastics. And all the medals Team GB won… downright incredible!

But did you notice in almost every Olympic medal win headline in newspapers and online, they found a ‘first’ – GB’s first high bar medal, first couple to both win Olympic golds, first Olympic hammer medal…

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